There's nothing sadder than seeing coloured hair fade. Unfortunately, long scalp doesn't grow right away, if you decide you want to buy, you need to commit to this decision and stay true to it for at least a year or two. No one can promise you that you'll ever get wild hair so long as mine, but who has learned, it could as well get even much longer. It all depends on your genetics and specifically on the length of anagen stage of flowing hair. It is the period, during which the hair expands about one cm every 28 times (which only makes about 10cm annually!). Scalp hair stays on in this stage for just two to seven years that is certainly genetically established (easy mathematics - if your assigned anagen period is 2 yrs, you should probably consider extensions). This is the base, but getting the right genetics isn't everything.

Before we get too far, let's hop into some real basic technology about your locks. Every strand on your mind increases from within follicles in your skin. The area of the hair inside the follicle (below the skin's surface) is known as the hair main, as the part you observe protruding from the head is the shaft. At the bottom of the wild hair root, there's a little bulb where all the magic happens. This is where nutrition are received and stored and also where new wild hair cells are produced.taking care of relaxed hair blog

Oil is great for relaxed locks. It provides as a heat protectant, nourishes the head and eases dryness to help eliminate breakage. Some people dread that using olive oil will give locks a heavy greasy look, but this isn't true. Coconut oil, jojoba petrol, argan essential oil and olive oil are all light. It's all about the quantity of oil that is employed and how it's used. Always take the less-is- more route when applying oil to scalp and scalp.

To get on the safe area, if you are a every day kind of gal, try reducing the quantity of times you rinse your hair to every other day to get started with so your scalp has an opportunity to regulate its oils. When dyeing your hair, stay ‘on color'. Choose a dye within three hues of your natural color. Typically dyeing wild hair darker is better than lighter. Lightening your hair more than three colours requires higher quantities of peroxide, which in turn causes more hair destruction.

Got any tricks for styling up oily scalp or any tips on keeping it at bay? Tell us @sofeminineuk! The You can also merge one tablespoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of aloe vera gel and apply this blend to hair. Keep it for few minutes and then clean thoroughly. Often users tend to apply hair apply for a large number of times to their otherwise perfect wild hair. Too much head of hair spray makes the locks look flat. Instead of hair sprays, you might use a bio-nutrient spray that contains B vitamin panthenol. Not only will it protect your hair from destruction but also help condition it.