Going natural? I am hoping you have found the information above helpful. A: This time of 12 months - with too little moisture content in the air - wild hair will get dryer. But if you have in a natural way oily wild hair at the main, you may be suffering from engine oil overload. It doesn't suggest static won't become an issue, however. Yes, you could have both greasy and staticky locks. Here's why.taking care of relaxed hair tips

Get the proper Stuff. The right products are fundamental for coping with oily head of hair or scalp. Avoid silicones - they aren't friendly to an oily scalp. Silicones (found in conditioners and finishing products) coating the head of hair and draw in both dirt and oil, making hair look oily and limp. Gels and mousses leave significant buildup, and thick serums can exacerbate already greasy-looking locks. Try sticking to weightless finishing mists and sprays to keep carefully the scalp light and filled with activity, and save the heavy-duty products for special situations.

Over processing nice hair is like maltreatment if you ask me; there are multiple forms and it's not just dark and white. There are many ways that women over process their hair. Providing yourself relaxers too often, overlapping your relaxer with your already calm hair, coloring your hair too much, and using heat on nice hair everyday.

Half a glass of malt vinegar with a one teaspoon of baking soda pop, apply on clean damp hair and let it respond on the head for 5 minutes. Wash it off with clean normal water. Use almond petrol to treat dry out and damaged locks It is a very simple procedure, put some almond petrol in a bowl and heat it for 40 moments. Then evenly deliver on flowing hair. Leave it for thirty minutes and then wash normally with hair shampoo and conditioner using cool water.

Even at the best of times, black mane is susceptible to dryness , so, as you can imagine, relaxed locks is even more likely to dry. So it's period to make hair natural oils and leave-in conditioners your BFFs - and don't forget to consider ultra moisturising oils like African macadamia petrol, coconut petrol and argan engine oil in the elements list.